Water main break floods some of downtown Mount Horeb

Commuters on Tuesday evening encountered unexpected water - a lot of it - as they made their way through downtown Mount Horeb. The flooding was caused by a water main break and the Mount Horeb Public Works Department was busy working to fix the problem until about 3 a.m.

While water mains do sometimes break, they usually do so during the winter, when freezing temperatures cause them to burst. To make matters worse, downtown Mount Horeb, unlike the surrounding residential neighborhoods in the village, has little in the way of storm sewer infrastructure, which meant the water had nowhere to go. 

The rising tide was a spectacle, but it also could have damaged businesses, home and more. Village administrator Nic Owen said people who experienced damage could be compensated for it. 

"I would assume anyone who experienced damage could file a claim with the village and we would file it with our insurance," he stated. 

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